* Increases the body’s vital strength
* Supports youthfulness and performance
* Unique mineral formula with a proprietary blend of herbal extracts
* Oxygenates the blood, eliminates toxins and balances the acidity level (pH level)
* Improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food (bioavailability) by fulfilling the body’s potassium requirements
* Gives the body the ability to respond with renewed levels of vital force, energy and most of all, profound well-being
* Matol’s flagship product.
* As a catalyst, Km® by Matol gives and maintains healthy vital energy by eliminating toxins and balancing the acidity level (pH level).
* Supports youthfulness and performance.
* The potassium in Km® improves the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from food (bioavailability).
* Increased performance has not only been recorded in human life, but animal and vegetable life as well. Also recommended during periods of stress (exams, sports competition, professional life) and at the changing of seasons.
* Toxins (poor nutrition, second-hand smoke, pollution, heavy metals, transgenic substances) naturally occur in the body as food is broken down into smaller particles. However, poor nutrition burdens the body substantially more than it is capable of coping with. The botanical ingredients, together with the added potassium and other minerals contribute to balancing the body’s acidity level (neutral pH is 7) and to the elimination of harmful toxins in the body. Click here for more information on the pH Factor.
* Listed in the Physicians’ Desk Reference.
* USE: 1 tablespoon, twice a day, or as required. Km® can be taken in its pure form or mixed in your beverage of choice. Avoid adding Km® in any hot liquid for maximum nutritional value.
Available with the following options:                                                                                               
  • KM Liquid 32oz     $36.99
  • KM Liquid 3 Pack     $110.97
  • KM Liquid 6 Pack     $221.94
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